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    180 Demo strives to be the best selective interior demolition provider that general contractors rely on.


    After spinning out of CleanTurn in 2020, 180 Demo continues to provide general contractors professional, safe, and on-budget interior demolition services, while carrying out our vision of creating the national model for guiding formerly incarcerated women and men into the construction industry. We work with community organizations, the Ohio Department of Corrections, and our current employees to provide supportive employment as a stepping stone into the construction industry. Since we began doing demolition work, we have provided over 175 supportive job opportunities, and we've seen men and women who started their careers at 180 Demo go on to become carpenters, plumbers, electricians, and business owners.

    Social Impact

    We have provided over 175 supportive job opportunities, with 86% of those opportunities offered to people with significant barriers to employment, such as prior incarceration or addiction recovery. Through our Inmate Correspondence program, we have written letters to 130 individuals, many of whom have joined our 180 Demo team upon release. Our revenue since 2012 has totaled nearly $9 million. We have helped nearly 50 individuals become insured drivers for 180 Demo, many of whom we've helped receive their driving license for the first time.

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